Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 17

3) We’re doing the “backs tch.” Move needle backward (to the right) ⅛” inch, insert needle down into both the patch and leather. 6) Last s tch, same method at the fi rst. Plus, e a knot or two. Use the needle p to push the knot snug up against the leather. Leave at least 6” of thread to e a knot. Tips: Thread two needles. Don’t make the thread longer than your forearm. Start at a midpoint rather than the top or bo om of your patch to prevent puckers. Stuff crumpled newspaper into the back protector pocket of the jacket to separate the layers. N e: There are tailors who can open jacket and s tch patches on. We are not opening the jacket lining up. Please don’t try that on your own. 4) The needle is now under the leather. Take a s tch by moving forward (le ) ½” to ⅝” inch. Use the needle p to pull leather away from lining. Use the thimble like a shield on your forefi nger. Pinch the leather slightly and push the needle and thread through. - Instruc onal photos and words by: Karleen Eberle 5) To push the needle, use your thimble or leather scrap to protect your fi nger. Alterna vely, grab the needle with your pliers, push or pull as needed. Experiment. Personally, I push the needle with my leather scrap, then pull through with pliers. 17