Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 16

DIY – Patches Fashion and m orcycles are b self-expression . h vehicles I love seeing motorcyclists rocking their iconic mo fs. The culture has evolved to be more inclusive and accep ng, so let your personality shine. Whether you collect patches for your denim jacket or want to customize your riding jacket, let’s sew! All Levels Machine S tching Denim Jacket Tools: sewing machine, denim needles (14-16 gauge) and thread. Don’t have a sewing machine? Use hand sewing technique below. Intermediate Leather Hand Sewing Tools: Leather hand sewing needles (2), heavy duty thread, thimble and/or scrap of leather, beeswax and needle nose pliers. Placement Considerations Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical look Focal point; single focus vs. collage look Color schemes Personal style & skill 1) Pin or tape the patch in place. Use tape for leather. Don’t sew through tape. If your patch has fusible backing (glue), press the patch on with a hot iron. Use a press cloth. Don’t use a hot iron on leather. Model: Tracey Atkinson Photographed by a member of the Tampa Modeling Photography Associa on Machine Stitch 1) Install denim needle and the ZIPPER foot. S tch length se ng of 3-4 mm, needle posi on to far right. S tch a test and adjust thread tension if needed (consult your manual). 2) Place your work on the machine, align the edge of zipper foot with the border of the patch. Begin s tching. Do not back s tch. When you reach a corner. put the needle down into the work, raise presser foot, turn the garment. Use the needle as your pivot point. 3) Finish: as you approach the star ng point, line up the needle with the line of s tching then overlap 5-10 s tches. Voila! Leather Hand Sewing 1) Thread your needle with a single thread and coat with beeswax Aѽ́ѕݥѡɕ(ȤЀЁ́эQotѼ t́эѼѡ)ѡȁѼ͕ɔѡѡɕQ͕Ёѡɽ՝)эձѼѡɽЁͥ9܁)͕ѡѡɕ(