Modern Moto Magazine ISSUE No. 4 - September 2017 - Page 10

Shifting Your Dreams Into Motion “Remember: the only person’s permission you need to live your dreams is your own.” — Author Unknown For the past two years, I’ve thrown my leg over the seat of my ’94 BMW R1100RS and set my sights on the mountains of North Carolina — des na on Li le Switzerland. In 2016 and 2017 during the fi rst weekend in May, women from all over the country gathered near the Blue Ridge Parkway to check out the “Mountain Moxie” women’s motorcycling conference. Mountain Moxie was created from a long me dream of Robin Dail, the woman who developed Moto Girl Cafe (a site dedicated to women who love motorcycles), with the help of her good friend, Beth Lavinder. My excitement gushed as I took off both years and rode solo to the mountains, but I believe my biggest joy came from the an cipa on of seeing old friends and mee ng new ones and celebra ng our passion for two-wheeled adventures together. 10 Moto magic was made both years, sending a endees back home with new knowledge, heightened inspira on and a larger friend base. Robin is nothing short of a superhero — she is an Associate Dean for the College of Nursing at the University of South Carolina and does research around the thermal stability of premature infants to decrease their morbidity and mortality. Like I said, a superhero AND a motorcyclist. Two years ago, Robin shi ed one of her dreams into mo on — a dream of crea ng a gathering of women who ride so they could learn about new gear and products, be er safety techniques, hear inspira onal stories about women leaders in the mo ܘX[ܛ[\[\H[]\YB]\[\HZ\\[ۈ]\X[Kؚ[\HY[\X[H[[ۋ[[Y[[Z[[YH[H]ۈ܈BYHZ[H[X]H\\[ۈ܈\\Y\[[[[X]\H[[