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about the busiest of all, ending with a fair amount of exhaus on followed by a brand new year. A fresh start. A chance at transforma on. I’m not one for New Year’s Resolu ons, but I do spend the fi rst day of each year refl ec ng on what’s gone behind and what lies ahead. I make lists of the things I need to let go of and the ones I need to keep reaching for. I hunker down. I try to feed my roots. I can’t make the me go faster. I can’t melt the snow or stop the rain; all I can do is wait out the weather. But those transi onal places are really uncomfortable! I imagine the caterpillar goes through this same dilemma. Once it’s wrapped up in the cocoon, there’s really no going back. It can no longer func on as a caterpillar or a bu erfl y. No longer the old but not yet the new, it either keeps pushing through toward transforma on, or it dies. you will break free. So be thankful, be inten onal and be good to yourselves. Just like riding, you have to keep your eyes up. Refl ect on the past, but look to the future. Look where you want to be next. I wish I could tell you that the transforma on will be easy, but in the end, it doesn't really ma er what I say or what I do. It ma ers what you say and what you do. How you choose to go through transforma on. It ma ers that you don't give up. That you don't give in. That you don't quit. More than ever before, there are free resources available for self-care and to support inner growth. I end up using a lot of these resources through my phone, star ng with baby steps to incorporate things like goal se ng, journal wri ng, mindfulness and medita on into the daily prac ce of living. A er all, we only get one go ‘round, and it’s a rela vely short ride. With that in mind, I’ve listed out some possible resources you can access right from your computer or smart phone that might help calm the inner crazy, bringing you both closer in and farther along on this journey we all must take. Change is part of the journey. Some mes the work of becoming all that you were meant to be seems like a lot going on under the surface of a busy life. Without the op on of riding, we tend to get antsy and irritable at the cramped condi ons of our lives. We long to burst out with new wings and ride the wind with newfound freedom. The way I see it, you can pout inside your cocoon or you can set your mind to the task of transforma on. These months are an opportunity. to grow deeper roots and larger wings. To learn to love yourself be er and be pa ent with the process. When the weather gets ght and hard, remember that the cocoon can only hold you for so long. Eventually, when those wings are strong enough and large enough, I am con nually amazed by the diversity of women who ride. We represent all walks of life, all shapes, sizes, cultures and con nents. I love seeing all of the colors of our collec ve wings fl ying down the road! Un l the weather clears, my friends, be well and be good to yourselves. Enjoy your loved ones, and grow strong roots. Remember, there is a season for everything. Even change. See you in the spring! Lynda Meyers is a fi c on author, trauma nurse and proud biker chick who happily endures very wet winters in the lovely Pacifi c Northwest. createdtofl 7