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"Once upon a me, there was a beau ful caterpillar..." Hmm. I don't know that I've ever read a story like that. Have you? I suppose that's because most caterpillars aren't all that beau ful. I mean, sure, some have bright colors but, most of the me, they look hairy and scary, and they just sort of scoot along on their bellies because they literally have to crawl everywhere. If you think about it though, caterpillars are actually badass li le creatures. They have six legs, 12 eyes, 4,000 muscles, and one job: to eat enough food to get them through metamorphosis. Their en re life goal is to be transformed — to make the transi on from how they were born into what they’re des ned to become. A caterpillar may be small, but it can do things other animals can't — like make silk. It’s also got this handy ability to use toxins to its advantage, making itself taste bi er so it won’t get eaten by predators. S ll, the thing I like best about them is this: they recognize seasons of change and submit themselves to the no on of being transformed. Instead of fi gh ng the process, they wrap themselves in a protec ve cocoon that nurtures them un l they’re ready to break out and showcase their unique beauty to the rest of the world. 6 Temporary isola on provides a safe space to process change. It's November, and in many parts of the country, it’s nearly impossible to ride motorcycles during this me of year. It’s the beginning of winter, and even if that doesn’t mean snow where you live, it’s o en rainy, icy or downright cold. Variable road condi ons make it hard to get out there, even with the best of gear. It’s a seasonal thing. Trees go dormant, vegetable gardens stop producing and all of the work goes underground for a few months, as life hunkers down to wait out the harsh weather. Only the hardy trees and plants survive. Winter is for transforma on. And, of course, the holiday season has begun, tradi onally fi lled with ‘extras’ of every shape and kind — extra food, extra family, extra shopping and extra decora ng. The one thing in short supply is the one thing most of us would put on our Christmas lists, if it were actually a ainable: extra me for some extra thro le therapy! We try to remember to be thankful. We make lists and check them twice, but this season that begins in November and takes us through the New Year is just