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Riding into Hurricane Irma Screen capture from video by Monica Maltese Letter From The Editor I must say, it can be difficult to talk about how great motorcycles are, and how awesome an event was and how amazing a jacket is when the last few months we have been bombarded by both natural and man-made disasters. Devastation from fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and lunatics dominate the news, fill our social feeds and directly affect us, our friends and our families. However, I have also witnessed awesome individuals and businesses step up to volunteer time and resources to aid those affected. Just in the motorcycle community alone, I have seen everything from a group of friends clearing downed trees from a fellow rider’s yard to the small company, Clearwater Lights, donating a portion of sales to aid relief efforts for those in the path of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and actively gathering supplies for victims of the fires in Northern California. Thank you to those who step up to help out. For those directly affected, I wish I had the right words and can’t imagine what you are going though. It may sound cliché to say you are in my thoughts and prayers, but my words are sincere, and words have power. Call a friend, write a note, be involved, take action. Be safe my friends. Now, back to your regularly scheduled motorcycle goodness. With all my love, Katie 5