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Base Layer: A er that I don my Dr. Scholl’s socks (5) (comfy, warm and help with circula on) and then my Costco pick: Paradox (6) merino/spandex/polyester base layer pants. They’re inexpensive, wear well, don’t s nk easily when sweaty, and have drirelease® technology so they keep me warmer/cooler respec vely in mul ple kinds of weather. If it’s really cold, I might choose the Nike Dri Fit (7) top in the picture. It’s made for running but has a hood that I can put up under my helmet to keep the wind off of my neck, and it has the thumb holes I love, which keep the wind from blowing up my sleeves if I get gaps in my gauntlets. Glove Liners: To combat the cold, I’ve added heated grips to my bike but that s ll doesn’t help the cold wind that seeps in through the top of my gloves, so I started wearing these Compression Gloves (8) as liners. I own a couple of diff erent types, but these are the ones I wear most o en, and I get them from Amazon. Buff : I wear a fl eece-bo omed, double-layer Buff (9) around my neck, which doubles as either a warm hat or head gear when I take off my helmet, which is great for camping or just to tame my crazy curls if need be. Heated Gear: Warmth is a priority for me but so is riding for as many months per year as I can manage. A er a lot of research, I invested in Cycle Gear’s Hot Wired line of heated gear with a life me guarantee and mul ple products that can be strung together like Christmas lights if you want the whole package! I installed a coupler on my ba ery so the gear hooks right into a cord coming out from under my seat. With separate adjustable temperature controllers (low, medium and high) for the jacket and gloves (10), I can adjust for exactly what my body needs. I plan on asking Santa for the shoe liners as well! I’m all for looking and feeling your best with great- looking, great-fi ng, safety-fi rst gear choices. Life is complicated enough! Keep it simple and stay safe and warm through winter’s riding season, and don’t forget to treat your face, hair and body with the same love and respect you show to your machine! By: Linda Meyers, createdtofl 29