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One of the things I appreciate most about this magazine is its commitment to authen city in the way it features real models, wearing real gear, talking about the real problems we all face as real riders. The True Base Layer: (Next page, bo om right) Undies: There’s no right or wrong way to choose your underwear, but I ride in a stretch lace thong from Victoria's Secret: The Lacie Circle Thong (1). It sells for $10.50 but you can almost always fi nd that 5/$25 deal! Before my very fi rst long ride, a good friend (also a nurse) said to me: “Hey, pro p: go commando on the long rides. Keeps your legs from falling asleep!” I compromise with a stretchy thong! I'm not your typical biker chick. I'm a yoga lover who meditates and eats mostly organic, and if I’m going to drink something fermented, I prefer things like kombucha over beer, but maybe not wine. I mean, I’m s ll human! Bra: Also Victoria’s Secret. I know they’re expensive and believe me, it hurts my wallet just to browse in there, but they’re also the most comfortable, well- fi ng, suppor ve bras I’ve ever worn, so I don’t compromise here. There’s a me and a place for the push-up, but naviga ng the twis es isn’t it. The Illusion Wireless (2) features nice wide, stretchy side panels. It’s as comfortable as lounging around the house in my pajamas but feels a hell of a lot sexier than a sports bra. I mean, hey, it’s the li le things. For be er or for worse, being a nurse has taught me an awful lot of things about the human body, and I don’t like to take it for granted. Like skin: it’s the largest organ in our body and a huge open door, so anything you put on it gets inside. I’m pre y careful about protec ng it on the outside with no-kidding head-to-toe gear coverage, and on the inside by keeping it safe from harmful chemicals. Next up: hair (3) and makeup (4), which takes me all of about 10 minutes. To tame my crazy hair - a squeeze of Biosilk, which is kinda spendy, but when you need to tame the frizz, it’s worth its weight in gold…er, silk. Spritz with Foxy Curls (Bed Head by Tigi), which sells for about $10 at Walmart. So, for the third me in the last 5 years or so, I’ve decided to give my hair a break from coloring. I e)ЁɅ䁹Ʌ䁅ѡɽՍ́$)ЁѠ䁡ȁͭȁ'eٔɽՑ)ɹٕ䁽ѡ͔Ʌ̰ѡɗéɕͽ)ݽ͡ձeЁɽ܁ȁݥѠѡͅ)屔͡é݅́) ȁ啅́她Ёٕѡ)䁅ͭ$ѼѽٕɥЁх)٥Ё䁙Ё䁅݅$ٕȁݕ)չ嵽ɔ)'eɕ䁉䁵Ёѡ$ݽɬݼ̰)ɥєٕ̰ٔѕͥٔɅٕ͍ձ)䃾ЁɅ)Յ䄁 ٔ)ݡ$ͅ$eЁٔȁѕ)ɽԁ̸$ɅɽՍ́ͥͽԁ́)́Ʌ饹̸ ͥѡ ́Qɥͽչ́)YɥM܁ )͕QɽՍ́ɔ)Ʌɕ́́չЁѼ)ٕɽՍи$ɥѡ́ɥݥѠͽѕ)ٕݡɔѡ䁑eЁЁȁͼѡeɔ)əЁЁȁхQ䁑eЁх)չ͍ɕѡ՝ͼԁѡЁ͕Ʌѕ䁥)݅Ёи$͔1Ʉ չ͍ɕȁ䁙$)ͼɥѡ ӊé ́1Mȁȁ)ѡЁѡЁ́Ʌ́ɕи)]Ё'eٔЁȁԁ́ᅍѱݡЁ$ݕȁѼɥ)丁'eٔՑͽѡ́ѡЁɔ)ȵɕѕ͔$ͥȁѡЁ́Ս+qչȁѡϊt́ѡѡȁѕ́ɕɔ)ѡA9ѡݕЁȁ9ٕȁɥ$eЁٕ)ٔݥѡЁѡ̸͔ͥ)!ɗéѡչݸхȁݥѠѡ̸ͥ1ѱ䰁ӊéQé ȁQM5͍Ʉ$e)ѡӊéՅ䁉ȁѡ͕ఁЁЁɔ)䁱́͡ɕЁɥѡ͔ͭ䁥)ݕ̄ ́݅ѕɽ)䰁ͅ٥Ʌٕͥ锁ͼ$ͥɕ䁽)ѡ$䁄Ʌٕͥ镐ɽȁəյ́ݕ$)ɕYѽɥéMɕӊéԁMM䁡ɔ(