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in the fall!) To be able to infuse my own crea vity into diff erent pieces is such an awesome opportunity, and one that I wanted to pursue. I’m surrounded by crea ve and ambi ous people who helped to further that goal. Clothing is fascina ng, because it speaks volumes about you. The top priority is a balance between fi t and safety. Being a motorcycle apparel brand, we want to make gear safe for our riders. But fi t is also such an important factor — it is one of the defi ning factors for customers. We’re always listening to consumer feedback to make sure we are on the right track. What/who are your fashion inspira ons? Do you have any motorcycle inspira ons? You can fi nd inspira on anywhere, and you never know where it can lead you. I’m inspired by a variety of things, especially out of the workplace. It all helps to get diff erent ideas and introduce new things in the industry. I also love snowboarding and wakesurfi ng. I recently got into mountain biking. It brings a fresh perspec ve and something diff erent to the plate. What have been some market challenges for created women’s moto gear? The color pink! Honestly, we get such polarizing opinions on it. I fi nd people either love it or hate it. The ones who hate it are the most vocal. But it always winds up being the best seller, far outselling other colors that are off ered. I don’t think that color will go away any me soon, so my challenge is to come up with other combina ons or alterna ves to off er. In basic terms, describe the design and manufacturing process? We will always have a bunch of crea ve mee ngs in the beginning to determine what pieces need to be added, which bases need to be covered and which direc on we want to take the line. From there, it’s fi nessing the lineup to determine what will actually go to produc on or what gets held back. Working with the factories to ensure quality control, proper colors and fabrics are being used. Once we start sampling, we con nue to sample with the factory un l we have the fi nal piece. What’s next for women’s line? Do you want to grow or change anything? What’s really been working for us is our performance casual. It’s everyday pieces that are safe for motorcycle riders. We’ve been doing really well with our armored hoodies and the moto-shirts. We’ve expanded that by adding leggings. That’s defi nitely an area we will keep growing and expanding. See more from Speed and Strength: When crea ng a new moto-gear design, what is the top priority? 25