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Elyssa Mannina Speed and Strength Speed and Strength is a popular line of men’s and women’s motorcycle apparel based in Windsor, Ontario and distributed by Tucker Rocky. Speed and Strength brings casual street style to performance riding gear. “We're a two wheel communal consciousness built on the belief that Bikes Are In Our Blood.” In recent years, their women’s line has grown and evolved, thanks in part to designer, Elyssa Mannina. Describe your line of motorcycle gear, its design aesthe c and safety features: A big thing for me are the crossover pieces, what works for on or off the bike. What kind of clothing is in my closet that can be converted to something safe to wear on a bike? Edgy but s ll feminine without needing to be over-the-top girly. We’ve got a new moto-shirt and armored hoody. We’ve added a denim vest that pairs perfectly with the moto-shirt or the leggings. Op ons, ladies! 24 Do you ride? What do you ride? I’ve ЁeaPѡЁ'eЁɽչѽݸݥѠ)!܁ȁɥɥ́Ёͥ)e׊eɔ͕ѡݡЁ́ȁݡЁͻeа)ݡЁݽɭ́аݡЁ́Ѽɽٕȁݡ)ݽձ'eѼ͕Ёȁȁ̸͡)!܁ٔԁͥѼ)'eٔݥѠѡͥ丁$хѕ)ЁɅ̀ݡѡȁ̰̰)ݕȁх̤'eٔ݅́ѕɕЁ)ѡͥи$ѡՍɔѡ)܁Ё́ѽѡȸ$݅́ɽ՝ЁѼѡͥ)ѕ͡ѱ䁄ȁ䃾Ё啅ȸ)]䁑ԁхЁͥѼ)$ٔ܁ѡԁ=)䁙ٽɥєͽɥ́́Ѐ