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rela onship. And community-based behavioral health giant Centerstone cites “cul va ng common interests” as one of Six Simple Secrets of Great Rela onships. Likewise, research from the University of Denver suggests taking me to “invest in fun and friendship and being there for your partner,” all of which coupled motorcycling achieves, directly correlates to partnership bliss. fl ourished with every ride, bringing with it a previously untapped level of in macy. Adora on for motorcycling led us to spend our past two anniversaries, which just so happens to coincide with Bike Week in Daytona Beach where, this year, I trekked alongside the love of my life and best friend. Not only did I relish every millisecond of the ride, but I equally relished discussing our shared but individually unique exploits post-ride. Best of all, in late 2013, Harley-Davidson released results of a commissioned study conducted by Kelton Global, which polled 1,013 adult female riders and 1,016 adult female non-riders. Not only did riders feel happier than non-riders (37 percent versus 16 percent, respec vely), but riders also expressed higher levels of rela onship sa sfac on in communica on and physical in macy than did non-riders. Bo om line, riding has leveled-up my already outstanding rela onship, and I couldn’t be happier to learn that this phenomenon is not unique to me. To this, I hold up my keys and proclaim, “Babe, let’s ride!” by: Jessica Van den Ancker Photos provided by riders. But can sharing a hobby with the love of your life really bring you closer together? Well, I’m not alone in feeling an empha c "yes" about this. A whopping 95 percent of surveyed women reported that riding has indeed strengthened their rela onships. Moreover, when asked to describe how riding has made par cipants feel closer to their partners, women commonly cited the following: boos ng me together by pursuing a shared passion, enhancing communica ons, sharing adventure/experiences, as well as promo ng mutual respect and overall feelings of in macy. I couldn’t agree more. S ll not convinced? According to a 1993 study by Canary, Staff ord, Hause and Wallace, shared ac vi es cast the starring role among ways to maintain a successful 23