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careful when cleaning the Pinlock insert as it scratches easily and is not a cheap item to replace. The shield is so easy to operate, and I love the adjustability of opening it from either the le or right side and at various posi ons, it will lock in place. The view from the inside is great; it’s wide and does not obstruct my peripheral, however, in a full tucked posi on, I found myself looking over the Pinlock insert. Another amazing feature of this helmet is that it comes with an interior sun visor that can be extended or retracted with one hand by using the slider on the edge of the helmet. It takes a bit of prac ce to fi nd the slider, and it must be used to open the visor; I found a er months of use, I would simply push the visor back up with my hand bypassing the slider, probably not recommended, but it hasn’t stopped working, yet! The visor is one of my favorite features as I no longer have to remember to take sunglasses with me and it’s always there. The shield comes in six nt choices; the pinlock comes in clear or yellow, and you have fi ve nt choices for the sun visor — op ons galore! Let’s talk communicators! So, you want to pair with a GPS, cell phone or other riders, well, this helmet comes with an internal antenna and Bluetooth receiver hidden between the EPS and shell of each helmet. You just decide if you want to purchase the SCHUBERTH SRC communica on device that is integrated into the neck roll (by Cardo, not reviewed) or the SCHUBERTH SC10U powered by SENA to fi t seamlessly into the interior of the helmet and work with the exis ng neck roll. For this review, I received and installed the SC10U and paired it to my cell phone to listen to music; it quickly became one of my favorite features. It is minimalis c in design and feature-rich with top-quality sound. SENA adver ses that it will pair via Bluetooth with two external devices and enables intercom pairing with four riders within a 1-mile range in open terrain. With 10 hours of talk me, you’ll likely run out of gas before your 10U runs out of juice. I also downloaded the SCHUBERTH and SENA apps from the Google Play store and easily confi gured the SC10U, which is also available in the Apple Store. Long term ownership: While this model is s ll at the top of its game, it has been on the market for over four years and I’ve owned mine for three. A er years of use, I have experienced minimal issues. The interior has broken-in and is star ng to feel loose. When I spoke to a SCHUBERTH rep at the AIMExpo, he said I could purchase new cheek pads or send it back to SCHUBERTH in California for a refurbish of the interior. I have replaced the clear shield with a light smoke to reduce the amount of sun exposure and it’s me for a new Pinlock because the original has go en scratched. While the “Women” decal on the side is a nice touch, it quickly started to peel off and catch on fabrics. I’ve carried my SCHUBERTH on airplanes, toured on diff erent style motorcycles and ridden thousands of miles; it is just that versa le and well-made. For this review, I was excited to test a new out-of-the- box C3 Pro Women in ma e black and, as you can see in the pics, it’s beau ful and, wow, does it fi t great! This is proof that a fresh set of interior pads will break in over me. I can confi dently say the SCHUBERTH C3 Pro Women is my go-to helmet providing superior comfort, ease of use, airfl ow and protec on. This helmet has so many features: my personal favorites are the internal sun shade, modular fl ip-up, interior cheek pads and comfort neck roll and the op onal integrated communica on system by SENA. MSRP: SCHUBERTH C3 Pro Woman is $769 and the helmet has an average customer review ra ng of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The SCHUBERTH SC10U by SENA is $269. Learn more at By: Teura Jones 21