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SCHUBERTH C3 Pro Women Helmet and SC10U Communication System When SCHUBERTH designed the C3 Pro Women modular helmet, they did more than just change the colors and add fl owers. The exterior shell and technology are the same as the C3 Pro but the interior is specifi cally designed for a woman’s head shape. My decision to purchase this helmet came a er I purchased a large sport touring motorcycle, and I no ced most ST riders wore a modular helmet. However, they also reported increased wind noise and complained the helmet was heavier than a tradi onal, full face, so I went on the hunt for the lightest and quietest helmet, and there seemed to be two close contenders, both high-end premium helmets, but only one came in a women’s version! The C3 Pro Women is not only beau ful due to the pearl pink exterior and ruby interior, but it is op mized for smaller head shapes and considers the natural shape of a woman’s face. The cheek cushioning has been redesigned for a woman specifi cally; the new design results in a be er, safer fi t. For those ladies that loath pink, fear not; this helmet is also currently available in white, silver and ma e black. There are an addi onal 13 color op ons for the standard C3 Pro, which also fi t the Women’s cheek pads and liner. The C3 Pro Women is DOT 218 cer fi ed, only 3.5 lbs. and has been tested and documented that, due to its enhanced aeroacous cs of 82 dB(A) at 100 km/h, the C3 Pro is one of the quietest helmets in the world. Real life wind noise can vary, and for me personally, no helmet is “quiet,” however, I truly believe that due to the lack of wind coming from under the helmet chin and neck areas, plus the aerodynamic shape of this helmet, it does contribute to a comfortable noise level inside my helmet. When I open the chin vent, it does get slightly louder. The helmet has good ven la on; I love the 3-posi on vent on the top. When I push it back, I immediately feel the ven ng down the interior channel. The head aera on and the indirect visor aera on lead the air further into the aera on channels of the EPS inner shell and distribute the breathing air evenly in the inner part of the helmet as it exits out of the back of the helmet. Since most of my riding is in Florida’s humid heat, I really appreciate the interior COOLMAX® liner, which is a so , an microbial microfi ber guaranteed to meet OEKO-TEX® standard 100, meaning it is free of harmful chemicals. I’ve hand washed my interior cheek pads and liner and a er they air dried, they were easy to reinsert into the helmet. 20 I haven’t said enough about the fl ip-up modular; what a great feature when it’s hot outside or you want to talk to you ȁɥՑ́ЁѽиA̰$ͽ)ѡЁ́́ЁЁͥȁѼЁх) Ё́Ёͅ=ѡͥM !U IQ#éɽɥ)ѕȁ͡ѕ䁍́܁ݕЁݥѠ)х丁ɝ́ݥѠɕͥٔ)́ɕ͕Ѽѡ͡չȁѕɅɔ)ɕɔɕհɕɽЁ͡)Qȁ́͡Սѕհ́)ɅѕALݡ́ȵЁɕՌ)ɕѱ䁥ɕ͕́ѡͅ䁽ѡиQ)I?MѕH