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CO LO adorned the riders just as o en as dark counterparts (black on black). Helmets have always been an easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise drab repertoire, but we’re seeing more color make its way down the body than ever before. If manufacturers were using this event as a research opportunity, they’d quickly no ce that more color is be er, and women are purchasing and wearing it when they have the choice to do so. It’s good to note that one single color does not represent the en re female popula on — not even pink can do that. There is, however, a cue to try new and diff erent colors than the R W INS ! usual suspects (think pink and white), because women WILL wear color even if it doesn’t match their motorcycle or anything else they wear on a regular basis. This is abundantly clear from the WSR’s group photos where the women were given op ons and chose “anything but black” to represent who they are. They not only purchased the shirts, but they showed up in the gear they felt their best in, and their choices speak volumes. Female riders have declared: color wins! By: Bri any Morrow, bri 19