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N E R T T T O P S D G IN Photographer: Dave Hardie In early September, we had a unique opportunity to observe 75 female motorcyclists in their natural habitat at the 12th annual Women’s Sportbike Rally. One of the big changes that happened this year was the opportunity to choose an event T-shirt from a variety of colors and styles. For the past 11 years, the Rally shirt has never included a color choice. Instead, droves of women would walk around during the event in the exact same shirt all weekend, and it was always cool to see the connec on between these women in a visual way. But this year was diff erent. Instead of one single color domina ng the group photos, a beau ful cornucopia 18 of color fi lled the lens. Naturally, black was one of the color op ons on every style of shirt off ered, but nearly every single a endee opted for color over black. Color was the victor in Rally shirt sales in a big way. This trend didn’t just show up within the event shirts. No. Color dominated in the under-layer category and was represented equally when it came to technical gear. Although most riding apparel (90 percent) comes in the standard and “community favorite” of black, what stood out was that gray, white, red, blue, silver, purple, orange, pink and even Hi-Viz jackets and leathers