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to be found on and we will confi rm the legi macy of any dealer) Please also note that REV’IT! never discounts product to such an extent that the prices are far below the retail price s pulated on, and any deal that seems too good to be true probably is. Please do not buy counterfeit goods. Not only is it illegal but you are pu ng your safety at risk by wearing such items. All the best, Peter (Global Marke ng Director of REV'IT! ) Ali Express™ off ers the ability to report possibly fraudulent products via their website. As the purchaser, we at Modern Moto completed the required form and a ached a dra of this ar cle. At the me of print, we had only received an automa cally generated response sta ng "In order for us to follow up your case eff ec vely and effi ciently, if you would like to report any other issues to us, kindly submit your complaint at: If you are the IPR owner, please go to Alibaba Group IP Protec on Pla orm (h ps://" Unfortunately, the referenced site is in Chinese and we were unable to contact a representa ve from Alibaba Group, owner of Ali Express™. It is a shame that good companies need to spend me and resources fi gh ng forgeries. It can be a major fi nancial and me-consuming burden, especially for a small company. We all need to be vigilante and fi ght against fraud to ensure safe, quality products. By: Ka e McKay At fi rst look, it may be hard to tell the diff erence between an original product and a replica, but the overall weight and feel as well as few details are important diff erences in this case. Buying from a reputable motorcycle dealer, motorcycle gear retailer or motorcycle gear etailer is the safest way to assure your purchase is authen c. Below we share a few diff erences we spo ed with our samples. Jacket "A" by REV'IT!. Jacket "B" purchased through Ali Express™. • • • • • • • • • • 16 Overview Jacket A's fabric is heavier and resists wrinkling. Jacket A has seams in bodice for female fi t. Jacket A has reinforced padding and detail on shoulders. Detailed product informa on included on tag of jacket A. CE Level 1 Shoulder, and elbow armor used in both jackets. Jacket A MSRP: $229.99 Jacket B price: $104.65 Details Jacket A's zipper has thick, durable teeth and a sturdy pull designed to hold-up a er repeated use and stress. Jacket B zipper looks to have a standard garment weight zipper. Jacket A has padded collar, plas c-covered snaps, and reinforcing details not found on Jacket B. There are discrepenices on the content tags of jacket B. A B