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HAIR is one of the fi rst features we notice about a person, so of course we ladies have collectively spent millions of hours developing our best under-helmet hair tricks for keeping tresses tidy, as well as our favorite après-moto hairstyle. How do you rock YOUR riding locks?! Top 3 Combos: 1 BRAIDED under helmet 2 PONYTAIL under helmet 3 IN A SCARF under helmet LO O 35 SE AN D F RE E IN A H E 2 OR B AD AR BA RE ND T F AR FRE 33 NCH BR AID ED SC A IC CH D A 15 IN 22 9 and ponytail after ride and loose and free after ride and braided after ride How do you ‘DO? TE UNDER my helmet, my hair is usually: For POST-RIDE activities, my hair is: In Modern Moto Magazine's poll on social media, the most popular under-helmet hairdos were ponytails and french (or regular) braids, including several crea ve varia ons. Scarves such as the Raci-Babi® Diva-Do and HelmetHed were also quite popular. Once the helmet is off , most riders who responded wear their hair loose and free or thrown up in a ponytail, topknot, bun or braid. Many riders noted that a spritz of leave-in condi oner or other product before or a er a ride really helps with the post-ride tangles. Whatever the method, it’s clear that we have perfected several crea ve ways to keep our locks looking lovely! 13