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product. You can design and make your own performance been a wonderful KNITTING ON THE ROAD It's day, sunny but not too wear for maximum u lity under your jacket and boots. hot. Just the perfect day to spend exploring the back roads in the forested foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Now, a li le red, I pull into a campground where my one design club has reserved several campsites. I greet the few people I know and get busy se ng up camp. I like working with natural fi bers, each of which has its own characteris cs. Recently, linen mix yarns have become available. Linen works up into excellent warm weather tops, comfortable even in s cky heat. Alpaca is another easily available choice. It is very warm and so , but not abrasion resistant, and is best for scarves, hats, cowls and vests. Tent up, sleeping bag spread out, cooking area arranged, and it is me to relax. The guys have a fi re going and are talking resonant exhaust systems and recalibra ng fuel There are a lot of diff erent types of wool yarn, depending injectors. Some of the women present are interested on the type of sheep that grew the yarn and how the wool was processed and a few are a er shearing. For knowledgeable, but It may be diffi cult to look at a sock or mi en that example, fi ngering most, especially the wives and girlfriends you’ve made with your own hands and feel a connec on weight wool sock of club members, to a group of people who seem strange or foreign to you. yarn from Germany are obviously bored But as kni ers and as humans, we owe it to ourselves is comfortable over wide range of to tears – un l and to each other to forge these unlikely connec ons. a temperatures and, I pull out a half- Making things by hand, a er all, is an in mate human if knit fi rmly, wears completed sock. endeavor and we should use it not only to knit strings forever. Icelandic And start kni ng. into socks or sweaters or shawls, but also to knit person wool from the very special Icelandic A kni ng project to person, strangers into friends. sheep is, ounce for may seem like - Donna Druchunas, kni ng historian ounce, the warmest an odd thing to fi ber you will ever accompany a fi nd. I like to wear motorcycle, but it is actually an excellent addi on to your riding world. my Icelandic sweaters with a fl eece vest for lightweight, Kni ng is a wonderful nervous habit. It produces one- windproof warmth under my motorcycle jacket. of-a-kind sweaters, glove liners, socks and cowls for you and your friends. It gives you something to do while When presented with down me, many people pull out wai ng around for your re to be changed or the motel a smartphone. A smartphone, however, isolates you room to be made up. A sock project is easy to pack in from your surroundings and the people in them. No one saddlebags. It also, more mes than not, serves as an is going to approach a person staring at a smartphone. Kni ng, on the other hand, presents a point of interest introduc on. for others. If you believe that part of travel is making I start kni ng, and some of the women no ce. The sock connec ons with people in faraway places, learn to knit. project is something they can relate to. They wander over and start asking me ques ons. Soon, I am making By: Margie Siegal new friends. The humble kni ed sock not only makes friends across campfi res, it makes friends across cultures. I like to go to Europe, rent a bike and ride around the countryside. In Ireland, out of clean clothes, I stopped at a laundromat. The women wai ng for their wash were not quite sure what to make of this stranger in a full motorcycle kit. Washing machine loaded, I se led down with yet another sock project and looked up into a beau ful Irish smile. “My mother used to knit socks like that,” she said. The ice broken, I joined in the general washday community cha er. A chore became a pleasant experience. Another aspect of kni ng is the ability of the cra er to match the materials to the end use of the fi nished 10