Modern Model August 2014 - Page 9

Beijing,   Shanghai   and   Dalian,”   she   remembered.   “I   did   many   fashion   shows,  photo  shoots  and  interviews,   and    I  spent  2  months  there  -­‐-­‐    and  It   was   one   of   the   best   \mes   of   my   life.”     Modeling   has   helped   build   a   s t r o n g   f o u n d a \ o n   a s   a   photographer,  JoseCe  said.     “With   all   if   this   experience   it   has   helped   me   become   the   photographer  I  am  today,”  she  said.   “It  makes  it  easier  for  me  because  I   was   always   on   one   side   of   the   camera  for  many  years,  which  made   it   easier   for   me   to   know   what   a   photographer   is   looking   for   in   their   shots.”     Drawing   on   her   modeling   experience,   JoseCe   offered   advice   for  models  who  are  just  entering  the   modeling  career  field.     “My   two   biggest   pieces   of   advice   for   new   face   models   are   to   be   yourself,   and   be   confident,”   she   said.   “When   you   are   in   front   of   the   camera,   own   it.   These   are   your   pictures  and  your  poruolio,  so  make   the   best   of   these   memories,   because  you  only  live  once.”     For   more   advice   or   quality   photos,   JoseCe   encouraged   people   to  contact  her.     “I   offer   many   services   including,   newborn,   maternity,   child,   family,   seniors,   weddings,   poruolio,   and   business,”   she   said,   adding   that   she   is   always   up   to   the   challenge  of  trying  new  ideas.   JoseCe  Smith   989-­‐751-­‐5041   Modern Model Page 9 CAPTURED   BEAUTIES:   Top   photo,   Model   Kiley   Kaczmarek   is   stunning   in   black   and   white.   Middle   photo,   Model   Paige   Smith,   Jose+e’s   daughter,     sets   off   on   a   modeling   adventure.