Modern Model August 2014 - Page 8

 What  happens  when  a     “Giving   credit   where   model   decides   that,   in   addi\on   credit   is   due,   my   biggest   to   posing   for   the   camera,   she   support   is   my   husband,   my   wants  to  take  photos  as  well?   daughters,   and   some   of   my   co-­‐   If   the   model   is   JoseCe   workers   at   my   present   job,”   she   Smith,   Owner   of   Captured   said.   Moments  by  JoseCe  of  Bay  City,     With   each   photo   shoot,   MI,  then  you  get  quality  photos   JoseCe   said   she   con\nues   to   by   a   professional   that   knows   grow   and   learn,   making   it   hard   the   ins   and   outs   of   both   to  chose  a  favorite.   modeling  and  photography.     “My   most   fun   and    “I  wanted  to  become  a   memorable  experience  is  all  my   photographer   for   many   years   photo-­‐shoots”   she   explained.   but   was   never   able   to   afford   a   “Each   client   brings   something   nice   camera,”   she   explained.   special   to   each   shoot,   either   “Then   last   year   for   Christmas   their   smile   or   their   story!   I   end   my   husband   surprised   me   with   up  with  great  rela\onships  with   a   trip   to   Best   Buy   to   pick   out   a   all   my   clients   and   they   always   camera.   It   was   one   of   the   best   come   back   and   refer   me   to   new   g i n s   I   c o u l d   h a v e   e v e r   clients.”   received.”     A   recent   photo   shoot     Too   excited   to   wait   also     reminded   her   of   how   un\l  Christmas,  JoseCe  said  she   much   she   enjoys   modeling,   started   using   the   camera   right   JoseCe  said.   away.     “The   most   memorable     “ I   s t a r t e d   t a k i n g