Modern Model August 2014 - Page 6

MM  Welcomes  V7S\ck!   Photo  (c)  Stephen  D.  Miller   We   are   proud   to   announce   that  writer,  photographer  and   model   V7SMck   will   be   joining   Modern   Model   Magazine   as   a   monthly  contributor!  Check  in   monthly   to   share   her   unique   perspecMve!          Hello  readers!          Pull  up  a  chair  and  grab  some  coffee.   Let   me   introduce   myself.   You   can   call   me  S\ck.           I   am   really   excited   to   announce   that   I   am   joining   the   Modern   Model   Magazine   community   as   a   monthly   contributor   in   both   wri\ng   and   photography.           When   the   publisher   of   this   p u b l i c a \ o n ,   B r i a n   T h o r n t o n ,     approached   me   about   contribu\ng   to   the  magazine,  I  couldn't  have  said  yes   more   quickly.   Wri\ng,   photography,   and   modeling   have   been   passions   of   mine  for  well  over  ten  years  and  I  am   excited   to   share   my   journey   and   experiences  with  all  of  you  lovely  folks   here.       Over   \me   I   will   delve   into   a   wide   array   of   topics   on   how   to   determine  what  kinds  of  modeling  you   Modern Model Page 6 Modern Model Page 6 would   like   to   do   and   are   best   at,   how   to   find   good   photographers   to   work   with   (and   how   to   avoid   the   creeps),   what   angles   look   most   pleasing   for   your   face   and   body   type,   a   few   Photoshop   \ps   to   have   great   edits   without   overdoing   it,   where   to   find   great   wigs   and   accessories,   and   a   whole   lot   more.     A t   t h e   m o m e n t   t h e   possibili\es   seem   endless   on   what   we   could   talk   about.   That   being   said,   if   you   have   anything   specific   you   would   like   me   to   cover   here,   feel   free   to   drop   me   a   line   on   my   website:  hCp://www.v7s\    I  hope  that  my  wri\ng  will   help  a  lot  of  people  just  gekng  into   the  industry  to  realize  their  dreams   and  get  what  they  want  out  of  life.        All  that  being  said,  I  think   i t ' s   \ m e   f o r   a   l i C l e   b i t   o f   background   informa\on,   so   that   you   know   who   I   am   and   where   I   come   from.   You   wouldn't   trust   the   word  of  a  stranger,  so  let's  become   friends.  Shall  we?       As   an   ar\st   of   all   trades,   one   of   my   core   beliefs   is   that   it's   important   to   have   something   to   look   toward   in   life   to   keep   you   going  when  the  days  get  rough  and   the  cat  naps  (and  catnip  tea)  simply   aren't   enough.   Art   is   my   passion,   and   it   shows   in   all   mediums   I   sink   my   claws   in.   Art   manifests   itself   in   all  areas  of  life.           It   has   been   a   goal   of   mine   since   childhood   to   be   a   writer   and   be   on   the   stage.   I've   been   in   many   plays,   done   tons   of   band,   choir,   and   even   karaoke   performances.   I   have   even   been  pieces  of  stage  shows  for  fun,   including   at   fe\sh   and   fashion   events,   and   one   anime   conven\on   already.         Modeling   was   really   only   ever   meant   to   be   a   stepping   stone   for   me   from   the   beginning   in   2004   when   MaChew   Dolinar   convinced   me   that   I   have   a   great   look   for   it   and   it   is   a   lot   of   fun.   (Which   it   is.   I   love   modeling.)   Other   than   that,   it   was   always   just   my   friends   and   I   having   fun   and   taking   preCy   pictures.           Lately   I've   been   drining   farther   from   modeling   and   more   into   photography,   performance,   and   fashion.   Wri\ng   has   be