Modern Model August 2014 - Page 4

Something WICKEDLY AWESOME this way comes…. THE  PERFECT  GIFT:  Everyone  knows  someone  who  has  everything  –  well,  almost.  Somewhere,  there  is   an  empty  space  on  a  shelf  (and  in  their  hearts)  that  will  not  be  filled  un\l  it  holds  their  very  own  Creepy   N  Cute  zombie  doll!     Visit   CreepyNCuteShop’s   online   store   to   pick   from   and   endless   variety   of   prepared   zombie   dolls   pa\ently  wai\ng  for  their  dream  homes,  or  have  the  talented  staff  create  a  doll  just  for  you!     In   addi\on   to   selling   some   of   the   cutest   undead   dolls   you   will   ever   have   the   pleasure   to   own,   CreepyNCute  Shop  supports  numerous  local  and  na\onal  causes!     Modern Model Page 2 Modern Model Page 2 Suppor\ng  causes  one  cute  doll  at  a  \me!