Modern Model August 2014 - Page 39

Inspired  by  Gaia,  the  primal  Greek  mother  goddess  of  the  earth.       “The   model   (Shana   Fancey)   is   wearing   a   forest   green   gown   with   a   crown   of   ferns   and   mossy   embellishments   meant   to   symbolize   her   a+achment   to   the   earth.     All   items   are   thriged/photographer's   own,   and   this   was   shot   on   a   very   humid   day   at   Tobico   Marsh   in   Essexville,   MI.     I   have   worked   with   Shana   in  the  past,  and  she  is  also  a  very  talented  local  actress  and  singer.”  –  Photographer  Jessica  McFarland   Modern Model Page 39 Model:  Shana  Fancey   Photo  ©  Jessica  McFarland