Modern Model August 2014 - Page 38

Inspired  by  Athena,  the  Greek  goddess  of  war  and  wisdom.       The   model   (Alyssa   Bedford)   is   wearing   a   silver   modern   halter   dress   meant   to   evoke   armor,   and   is   holding   a   vintage   owl   statue.   Athena   is   ogen   pictured   with   an   owl   companion,   which   is   actually   where   we   get   the   idea   that   owls   are   "wise"   birds   (not   the   other   way   around).     All   items   are   thriged/ photographer's  own,  and  this  was  shot  in  the  sanctuary  of  Memorial  Presbyterian  Church  in  Midland   MI.     This   was   Alyssa's   first   Mme   modeling,   but   she   is   a   talented   singer   and   also   very   involved   in   the   pageant  world.  –