Modern Model August 2014 - Page 36

We  buy  it,  we  model  it,  we  sell  it?   hCps://        Like  most  businesses  that  work  with  models,   Modern  Model  Magazine  has  a  prop  room  of  ouuits   and  items  that  tends  to  fill  up  very  quickly!      Through  our  Facebook  store,  Modern  Model   Vintage   Finds,   we   are   able   to   offer   you   a   chance   to   purchase  clothing  that  the  models  wear  –  literally.  A   lot  of  these  items  are  rescued  from  resale  stores,  and   are  either  unique  single  items,  or  a  collec\on  that  is   purchased  from  the  manufacturer.     During   a   recent   photo   shoot,   Model   Sarah   Maltman   posed   in   several   of   the   fall   fashion   ouuits,   making   it   possible   for   us   to   open   this   store   (Thank   you,  Sarah!)    Profits  from  store  sales  help  Brian  Thornton   Workshops   and   Events   host   model   workshops;   pay   registra\on   fees   for   models   to   aCend   pageants,   courses,  and  enter  contests;  and  help  pay  for  travel,   expenses,   and   booking   fees   for   photography   workshops  and  photo  shoots!     Take   a   moment   to   browse   the   stores   collec\on,   and   be   sure   to   check   back   onen,   since   more  items  are  added  daily!     The   store   will   also   feature   a   variety   of   props   and   equipment   (including   camera   equipment)   so   photographers   are   encouraged   to   browse   through   the  store  as  well.       Click  here  to  visit  and  shop  at  Modern   Model  Vintage  Finds  online!   Modern Model Page 36 Model:  Sarah  Maltman   Photo  ©  Brian  Thornton   Model:  Sarah  Maltman   Photo  ©  Brian  Thornton