Modern Model August 2014 - Page 33

Project  2  of  5  –  Stock  Photos   Our   second   project   with   Model   Stephanie   Nichole   was   to   enter   a   selec\on   of   Stephanie’s   photos   into   a   stock   online   photo   gallery.   This   image   is   one   of   five   images   that   were   recently   submiCed  to        “As  more  and  more  people  turn  to  stock   online   photo   sites   to   purchase   images,   models   and  photographers  should  work  together  to  use   stock   photography   sites   to   sell   their   photos,   or   build   their   own   online   image   poruolios   to   offer   these   prints   and   images   for   sale   directly   to   the   public.”      Photographer  Brian  Thornton   Modern Model Page 33 Model:  Stephanie  Nichole   Photo  ©    Brian  Thornton