Modern Model August 2014 - Page 30

CAMERA  ART:  Top  leg,  model  Lauren  Elizabeth  relaxes   at  the  direcMon  of  Photographer  Susan  Blatchford;  top   right,   Model   Jacob   Snell   is   captured   in   the   natural   sunlight.   Bo+om   leg,   Lauren   is   framed   as   an   arMsMc   silhoue+e.  (Photos  ©  Hidden  Treasures  Photography)   her   advantage.   The   strobe   lights,   the   natural   light,   the   furniture,   the   curtains.   Under   Susan’s   excited   direc\on,   we   are   moving   furniture   and   ligh\ng   and   props   –   things   are   twirling   around   the   room   like   a   magical   Disney   cartoon.   When   the   smoke   clears,   and   the   dust   seCles,   Susan   is   standing,  smiling  at  her  camera’s  viewing  screen.    Anyone  who  works  this  consistently  at  anything  is   going  to  improve.  People  who  are  good  will  become  beCer;   people  who  are  great,  like  Susan,  will  become  amazing.    As  a  workshop  organizer,  I  can  teach  the  technical   skills   –   ligh\ng,   composi\on,   camera   control   –   but   when   it   comes  to  the  passion  and  love  for  photography  (something   that  many  of  us  seem  to  lose  as  we  shoot  through  the  years)   –   that   is   something   that   cannot   be   taught,   and   that   I   am   reminded  of  each  \me  I  shoot  with  Susan.   Modern Model Page 30