Modern Model August 2014 - Page 3

Modern Model Volume  Eighteen   August  2014   JOSETTE  SMITH   Capturing  life’s  Moments!     MARY  KAY  PROJECT   Independent  Consultant  Alyssa   Wilkinson  shares  her  story.       BTWE  HEADS  NORTH   BTWE  hosts  a  photo  workshop   In  Petoskey,  MI     7   11   16   RAMEA  ALMUBARAK   21   PHOTOGAMI   28   Ramea  shares  insights  on  beauty,   poise,  confidence,  and  modeling.     ON  THE  COVER:   Model   Ramea   Almubarak   is   captured   by   Marvin   Hall   of  Studio  M,  Holt  MI.  (Photo  ©  Studio  M)   PUBLISHER’S  NOTE:  DON’T  BE  THAT  GUY!     Since   the   magazine   is   a   dual   format   publicaMon   (published   as   both   a   digital   and   print   publicaMon)  there  are  obviously  features  indicated  for   the   online   magazine   that   don’t   apply   to   the   printed   version.   I   recently   had   a   reader   message   me   to   say   that   when   he   presses   on   the   link   of   the   wri+en   magazine,  the  pages  don’t  open  the  link,  so  his  printed   magazine  must  be  broken!  Don’t  be  that  guy!     On   a   lighter   note,   we   welcome   Felisha   Nicole   and  V7SMck  as  contribuMng  writers  to  our  publicaMon!   Brian  Thornton,  Publisher   Susan  Blatchford’s  photography   is  so  unique  we  have  to  make   up  new  words!     MISSING  SYDNEY   Model  Sydney  Ballans   should  top  every  bucket  list!     FEATURED  MODELS   Robyn  Gabbard,  Alyssa  Bedford,   Shana  Fancey,  Kenzi  Jo,  Alisha   Gilman,  PaCy  Lewis,  Fahlon   Naples,  Lauren  Eliza,  Amber   AbaCoir,  Tynecia  Alsay,  Lauren   Elizabeth  and  Shawn  Smith       PUBLISHER    Brian  Thornton      WRITERS        Whitney  Duque/  Felisha  Nicole/Phoenix  Rain//V7S\ck      PHOTOGRAPHERS    Dino  Mangano/Trisha  Hadley/218  Photography  (Aaron  Gripe)    Modern Model Page 3 34   37