Modern Model August 2014 - Page 23

Model:  Ramea  Almubarak   Photos  ©  Studio  M  Portraits   because   there   is   a   big   informa\on   gap   between   Muslims   and   western   people,”   Ramea   said,   adding   that   she   also   heard   whispers   from   an   old   friend   that   reminded   her   that   she   might   be   able   to   fill   this   gap   and   build   bridges   of   love   between   the   two   distant   cultures   –   her   fairy,   Ramea  the  Model.     “She   came   back!   She   was   alive   again!   She   told   me   now   is   your   chance   to   use   your   talent   and   prac\ce  your  passion,”  Ramea  said.     With   the   help   of   friends,   Ramea   said   she   quickly   created   a   fashion   blog   to   show   her   fashion   and   lifestyle,   and   a   Facebook   modeling   page   \tled,   “Ramea’s   Scarf.”     Hoping   for   acceptance,   Ramea   said   she   was   immediately   Modern Model Page 23 aCacked  as  a  model,  as  a  woman,  as   a  Muslim,  and  as  an  engineer.     “I   was   told   one   person   should   not   be   all   of   these   things,   so   you   have   to   pick   some   of   them   and   compromise   yourself   to   meet   the   expecta\ons   of   others,   and   society   in   general,”   she   said,   adding   that   this  \me,  she  refused  to  choose.    “I  decided  not  to  give  up  what  I   like   to   do   anymore,”   she   said.   “I   want   them   all   –   modeling,   Hijab,   engineering,  and  woman.”    Ramea  also  learned  that  the  best   way   to   challenge   the   industry   standards   of   modeling   was   not   to   fight   them,   or   defy   them,   but   to   simple  ignore  them.     “Nobody   has   the   right   to   objec\fy   me   or   any   model   by   pushing   her   to   be   half   or   fully   naked,   with   their   ul\matums,”   she   explained.   “I   am   not   any   company   or  agency’s  property.  I  am  a  model.  I   am  an  ar\st.”    The  modeling  industry  found   many   ways   to   fight   back,   Ramea   admiCed.     “I   lost   many   chances   of   being   a   model   in   big   agencies   because   I   refused   to   take   my   Hijab   off,”   she   said,   adding   that   she   was   told   that   she   had   perfect   supermodel   standards   and   had   a   chance   to   be   very  famous  if  she  abandoned  Hijab.   “In   fashion   shows,   I   have   found   designers  who  put  me  down,  I  have   been  told  that  as  a  Muslim  woman  I   do   not   belong   in   the   fashion   industry,   and   have   been   told   that   I   personally  am  not  aCrac\ve  enough   to  be  there.”