Modern Model August 2014 - Page 17

HEAVENLY   ESCORT:   Photographer   Troy   Raymond   enjoys   company   during   a   beach   stroll,   from   leg,   Taya   Kleman,   Danielle   Chevalier,   Cassandra   Rambo,   Lauren   Elizabeth,   Troy   Raymong,  Bri+any  Iafrate,  Anastasia  Witkowski,  Kristen  Platz,   Jennifer   Lynn   Barbie   and   PeggySue   Romatz.   Bo+om   photo,   Jennifer  poses  against  a  scenic  rock  sehng.  Photos  ©  iEnvision   Photo.    I  love  the  Tri-­‐City  Michigan  area,  but  also  love  traveling   and  exploring  the  beauty  of  other  towns  and  ci\es.  In  July,  we  set   our   sights   on   the   picturesque   city   of   Petoskey,   MI,   and   scheduled   a   workshop   to   allow   models   and   photographers   to   meet   and   network  in  this  city  by  the  shoreline.     The   workshop   actually   began   at   the   request   of   Saginaw,   MI   Model   Lucilla   Elena,   who   traveled   to   Petoskey   to   work   through   the   summer,   and   immediately   began   to   tempt   us   by   sending   photos   of   the   scenic   beaches,   pushing   us   over   the   top   with   a   photo   of   a   beau\ful   waterfall   located   in   Bay   Front   Park,   one  of  Petoskey’s  city  parks.     Lucilla   was   also   kind   enough   to   guide   us   to   Bay   Front   Park,  which  featured  a  winding  wood  stairwell,  the  waterfall  (with   easy   park   access),   a   small   stream,   a   cave-­‐like   rock   wall,   and   more   features  than  we  could  have  covered  in  more  than  three  days  of   shoo\ng.     Working   with   a   field   that   grew   to   a   total   of   10   models   that  par\cipated  in  the  event,  the  variety  of  (con\nued  on  pg.  20)   Modern Model Page 17