Modern Model August 2014 - Page 11

Jenna  Generaux   Jenna  is  a  21-­‐year-­‐old  married  mother,  who  is  currently  a+ending  school  to   acquire   a   bachelor’s   degree   in   social   work.   She   works   as   an   assistant   at   Harbor  Light  ChrisMan  Center  in  Traverse  City,  MI.   The  Ordinarily  Extraordinary     Mary   Kay   is   a   well   known   business   that   supports   independent   women   and   enriches  their  lives.  A  confident  women  is   a  sexy  women,  so  we  at  Mary  Kay  like  to   help   women   boost   their   confidence   and   self   esteem.   Not   only   do   we   boost   confidence   but   we   support   the   working   women.   Mary   Kay   is   a   great   rewarding   business   to   work   for   giving   women   the   flexibility   in   their   lives   that   they   need   to   sMll   have   a   family.   Beauty   is   not   defined   by   age   but   rather   how   a   women   presents   herself.   Each   person   that   we   have   chosen   has   a   different   look   and   a   different   life   style,   But   each   of   these   women   are   beauMful  in  their  own  way.     Modern Model Page 11   Project  Organizer/MUA:  Alyssa  Wilkinson,  Mary  Kay          Independent  Beauty  Consultant     Models:      Jenna  Generaux,  Demae  Cicchelli,          Kamma  Mastromonaco,  Rachel          Malleaux,    and  Kari  Sovis     Photos  ©  Small  Wonders  Photography   When   Alyssa   contacted   our   magazine   about   this   project,   I   was   absolutely  excited.  There  is  nothing  I  love  more  than  an  event  that   takes  beauMful  people,  and  highlights  and  celebrates  their  beauty,   both  inside  and  out.  Our  friends,  our  neighbors,  our  relaMves  –  the   everyday  people  that  really  ma+er  in  our  lives.     I   would   like   to   sincerely   thank   Alyssa   for   allowing   us   to   share   images   of   the   ordinarily   extraordinary   people   in   our   lives   that   are   making   a   difference,   making   our   lives   be+er,   making   the   world   a   be+er  place  –  and  looking  good  doing  it!         Brian  Thornton,  Publisher