Modern Model April 2014 - Page 9

  AMer   four   years   of   training   as   an   understudy   to   a     professional   photographer,   GraMon,   OH   Photographer  Mike  Behlke  eased  into  the  professional   photography   market   with   stunning   photos   as   his   calling  card.     “I   spent   my   1st   year   training   under   a   photographer   learning   how   to   use   a   camera   and   lighPng,”   he   explained.   “Eventually   I   took   what   I   learned  and  started  doing  shoots  on  my  own.”    On  his  way  to  the  top,  Mike  has  learned  one   of   the   most   important   lessons   ever   –   always   keep   learning.       “SPll   to   this   day   I   experiment   with   different   lighPng   techniques   and   I   also   watch   videos   on   YouTube  to  see  how  other  photographers  are  serng   up  lights,”  he  shared.  “Then  I  may  try  their  technique   during  one  of  my  shoots  to  see  how  it  looks  for  me.  All   my   photographer   friends   that   have   been   doing   it   much   longer   than   me   have   all   told   me   that   you   can   never  stop  learning.”     Mike   said   his   constant   search   for   improvement  paid  off  when  he  saw  on