Modern Model April 2014 - Page 6

took  Pme  to  visit  Chicago.     “I   really   enjoyed   Chicago,”   Chelsey   said.   “I   met  so  many  new  people  and  saw  different  styles  of   photography.   All   the   girls   I   went   with   were   great,   and  if  was  fun  to  explore  the  city.”     Among   the   shoots,   Chelsey   said   a   sunrise   session   at   the   Navy   Pier   featured   both   highlights   and  challenges     “   It   was   not   fun   gerng   up   that   early,   but   it   was   a   great   shoot,   and   the   Navy   Pier   in   Chicago   is   beauPful,”  she  said,  adding  that  anyone  who  enjoys   modeling   should   go   for   it.   “Just   keep   moving   forward.   If   it   makes   you   happy,   keep   doing   it.   You   have  to  stay  focused    and  moPvated.  You  are  going   to   hear   no   a   lot   so   you   kind 4