Modern Model April 2014 - Page 50

Who’s  Who  in  This  EdiPon   On  this  reference  page,  anyone  who  is  menPoned  in  the  magazine  is  menPoned  here  again  to  allow   you  to  contact  them  for  goods,  services  or  bookings.   Photographers  (Con^nued)   Kaysix  Photography George  Todorovic   2Eighteen  Photography Paul  Meiesaar   Karen  Corona/Karen’s Memory  Treasures Photography   Stephen  D.  Miller      40    41    43,44    45-­‐46    47-­‐48    47-­‐48    47-­‐48    Back  Cover CreepynCuteShop,  LLC Karma  Inc.  Apparel Trisha  Hadley   The  Movement   Copy  Quick    2  12  37  51  51           Carol  J.  Post  (Author)  2 Doreen  Defauw(Designer)  29 Atomik  Geisha(Designer)  35 Charles  Anthony(MUA)  35 Dunbar  Costumes    46           Adver^sers/Sponsors                                    hkps://    hkps://    hkp://    hkp://    hkps://    hkps://    hkps://    hkp://                    hkp://    hkp://    hkps://     MUA/Hairstylists/Prod.  Assistants/Graphic  and  Post  Edi^ng/Other                  hkps://    hkps://    hkps://    hkp://   Would  you  like  to  be  featured  in   Modern  Model  Magazine?     In   addiPon   to   monthly   contests   and   events,   Modern   Model   Magazine   is   always   looking   for   new   talents   throughout   the   United   States   (and   internaPonally,  actually).    Ideally,  we  would  like  to  feature  new  models,   photographers,   and   other   industry   professionals   in   every  monthly  ediPon.       For   more   informaPon,   please   contact   us   by   submirng   a   query   on   the   homepage   at:   Modern Model Page 50