Modern Model April 2014 - Page 4

BUY  THIS  NOW!   Excellent   read   for   anyone   who   loves   suspense,   romance,   and   real  characters!   Photo  courtesy  of  Carol  J.  Post   PUBLISHER’S  REVIEW     Author   Carol   Post’s   sequel   DEADLY  HOMECOMING       Only  her  estranged  sister's  suspicious  death  could  bring  Jessica  Parker  back   to  her  hometown.  InvesPgaPng  Priscilla's  life  leads  Jess  nowhere.  Someone   is  dead  set  against  her  uncovering  anything,  and  soon  enough,  she's  being   anonymously  threatened.  Her  only  hope  is  a  man  who  asks  more  quesPons   than   he'll   answer.   FBI   agent   Shane   Dalton   may   have   the   answers   Jessica   needs,  but  he  can't  risk  his  cover,  no  maker  his  feelings  for  the  beauPful   bruneke.   They'll   have   to   rely   on   each   other   if   they   want   the   truth—and   future—they  never  thought  possible.   Modern Model Page 2 to   her   first   novel,   Midnight   Shadows,   conPnues   Jessica   Parker’s   adventure   as   a   believable   and   realisPc   character   that   we   can   root   for  and  stand  behind.       As   she   works   to   solve   her   sister’s   unPmely   death,   Jessica   also   struggles   with   the   same   everyday   challenges   that   we   face   such   as   employment   (no   billionaire   trust   f u n d   t o   k e e p   h e r   a fl o a t ) ,   relaPonships   and   romance,   and   reconciling  her  past  and  future.       I   also   love   that,   in   her   wriPngs,   Carol   is   able   to   cleverly   remind   us   that   we   are   the   children   of  God,  without  beaPng  us  over  the   shoulders  with  a  bible.    A  joy  to  read,  this  book  will   keep  you  guessing,  and  keep  you  at   your  seat’s  edge  from  the  first  page   to  the  end!    Brian  Thornton,  Publisher    Modern  Model  Magazine