Modern Model April 2014 - Page 34

My  5  Day  Flat  Tummy  Tricks   By  Phoenix  Rain   Model:  Phoenix  Rain/Photo  ©  Steve  Cooper      So  you  have  a  photoshoot  in  five  days  but  you’ve   cucumber,   celery,   ginger,   mint   leaves,   lemon,   lime   and   overindulged  just  a  likle  too  much  at  the  weekend  or  not   broccoli   sprout   juice.   You   can   add   apple   or   pineapple   hit  the  gym  as  much  as  you  would  have  liked  in  the  last   juice  if  you  don’t  like  the  sour  taste.   couple  of  weeks.        Prep  your  food  in  advance.  If  you  have  all  your      It  can  be  a  really  difficult  balance  for  models  to   lunches   and   snacks   prepped   in   advance   you   won’t   find   stay   shoot-­‐ready   every   day   of   the   week   and   when   your   yourself  hungry  with  nothing  to  eat.  The  worst  thing  for   body   is   your   living,   then   every   likle   lump   and   bump   shoot   prep   is   leaving   your   food   plan   to   chance.   I   seems  to  take  on  ominous  proporPons  when  a  shoot  day   guarantee   if   you   find   yourself   hungry   and   away   from   hangs  heavy  on  your  head.   home  you  will  buy  whatever  your  stomach  demands!       Now   you   guys   should   know   that   I   definitely   do      Stay  off  the  coffee  -­‐  or  limit  it  to  one  cup  in  the   not   adhere   to   fast   fixes   when   it   comes   to   diet   or   morning.  We  are  trying  to  increase  your  hydraPon  before   exercise.  EaPng  disorders  nearly  destroyed  my  life  and  I   your  shoot  and  there  is  no  point  drinking  all  that  water  if   steer  well  clear  of  crash  detoxes,  shake  plans  or  anything   are  going  to  ruin  your  efforts  with  coffee.   you   that   is   not   sustainable   long-­‐term.   If   it   doesn’t   support       Spend   20   minutes   a   day   doing   high   intensity   weight   health  and  happiness  then  it  is  not  worth  the  misery.   rouPnes.   Bodyweight   workouts   work   really   well   here.       It   is   preky   impossible   to   lose   a   noPceable   Focus   on   compound   movements   like   squats,   lunges,   amount  of  body  fat  in  just  five  days  but  you  can  look  and   burpees   and   core   strengthening   exercises   like   renegade   feel  enPrely  different  using  these  likle  tricks.   rows,  dynamic  planks  and  spidermans.       Hydrate   like   a   fish   in   the   desert!   Drinking   4-­‐5      Most  importantly  though,  be  confident  in  yourself.   liters  per  day  in  the  run-­‐up  to  your  shoot  will  flush  out  all   Don’t  let  the  nagging  voices  in  your  head  make  you  feel   the   toxins   your   body   has   been   struggling   with   and   will   anything  less  than  the  star  you  are.  Magic  happens  when   eliminate   all   those   sneaky   food   cravings.   On   the   night   you   completely   engage   in   your   shoot,   body   and   soul   so   before   your   shoot   stop   drinking   at   about   8pm   and   just   proud  and  go  do  what  you  do  best!   be   sip   water   unPl   your   shoot   is   done.   Your   body   will   look   Phoenix   Rain   is   a   professional   fitness   coach,   model,   writer   lean,  toned  and  super-­‐defined.   and   mother.   Phoenix   is   the   creat ܂CH0