Modern Model April 2014 - Page 3

Modern Model Volume  Fourteen   April  2014   ON  THE  COVER:     Iron   Mountain,   MI   Model   Natalie   Schultz   graces   the   cover   with   a  photo  by  Jason  Heal/ J.   Heal   Photography   that  won  our  shootout   contest!     E n j o y   N a t a l i e ’ s   feature   arPcle,   and   please   take   Pme   to   visit   Jason’s   online   webpage  at:   hkp://   PUBLISHER’S  NOTE    IT’S  HOW  WE’VE  ALWAYS  DONE  IT!     By   far,   that   is   my   least   favorite   saying.   In  this  day  and  age,  some  companies  can  stay   true   to   their   roots,   year   a9er   year,   without   change.   As   a   magazine   publisher   –   not   so   much.   With   every   issue,   we   are   changing.   We   are  evolving.  We  have  to.    We  are  constantly  looking  for  ways  to   become   bigger,   beFer,   and   bolder.   As   we   encourage   models,   photographers   and   modeling   industry   professionals   to   challenge   themselves,   rest   assured,   we   are   challenging   ourselves  as  well.     Recently,   we   received   a   cosmic   pre-­‐ warning  from  our  publishers  –  do  not  EVER  try   to   produce   a   centerfold   page!   Hmmm…are   they  bugging  our  office?  Will  the  digital  pages   crumple?  Will  our  centerfold  signal  the  zombie   apocalypse?  Let’s  find  out,  shall  we?        Brian  Thornton,  Publisher   PUBLISHER    Bria