Modern Model April 2014 - Page 29

    hen   W   CreepyNCuteShop,   LLC,  Owners  Doreen  Defauw,  Piper   Smith,   and   Rebecca   (Bekka)   Snider,   planned   their   zombie   invasion,   it   did   not   involve   a   brain-­‐ eaPng  horde  –  instead,  it  resulted   in   an   endless   flood   of   creaPve   dolls   that   are   100-­‐percent   huggable.     The   Detroit,   MI   based   retail   adventure   for   the   three   long-­‐Pme   friends,   who   have   known   each   other   for   more   than   30   years,   began   with   a   quest   to   decorate   a   master   bedroom,   Doreen  explained.     “This   all   started   because   Piper,   who   loves   The   Walking   Dead,     wanted   to   put   something   Zombi-­‐esque   in   her   master   bedroom,   she   said.   “She   knows   I’m   a   master   quilter   and   craMer,   and   called   me.   So   we   went   to   JoAnn’s  fabric  and  hung  out  at  the   fabric   store   and   looked   at   books,   and   I   said,   how   about   we   make   a   doll?”    MeePng  back  at  Doreen’s   home,   they   began   working   on   their  first  magical  creepy  creaPon.    “We  came  back  here  and   I   designed   the   doll   and   gave   it   to   her,   and   she   sewed   on   the   eyes   and   mouth,   and   together   we   made  the  first  doll!”     With   changes   in   the   pakerns   and   fabrics   that   make   each   doll   unique,   Doreen   said   the   posiPve   reacPon   from   the   public   conPnues   to   be   the   greatest   reward.     “We   made   the   first   one,   and   everybody   said   it   was   so   cool,”  she  said.    “Piper  and  I  were   sewing,  and  Bekka  came  over  and   asked   if   she   could   make   one.   She   is   really   arPsPc,   and   started   making   them   with   us,   and   now   we   all  sew  and  make  the  dolls.”    AMer  building  an  army  of   cute   zombies,   the   partners   opened   their   retail   campaign     Modern Model Page 29 DOLLLED   UP:   Top   photo,   from   leM,   CreepynCuteShop   doll   designer   Doreen   Defauw   holds   the   picture   that   she   used   to   craM   a   lifelike   zombie   doll   for   Saginaw,   MI   Model   Rachel   Prenzler.   Bokom   photo,   Doreen   displays   a   set   of   zombie     dollls   inspired   by   50   Shades  of  Gray.  Photos  ©  Brian  Thornton