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A r m e d   w i t h   natural   beauty   a n d   p o s i n g   a b i l i t y ,   w e   expect   to   see   Natalie   at   lots   o f   f u t u r e   events!   SITTING   PRETTY:   Top   photo,   Iron   Mountain,   MI   Model   Natalie   Schultz   sekles   into   a   vintage   black   and   white   pose.   (Photo   ©   Tom   Race).   Bokom   right,   Natalie   channels   Likle   Red   Riding   Hood.   (Photo   ©   Robert  Olinski  Photography.   of   a   producPon   shoot   with   lodging   arrangements   at   the   Country  Inn  and  Suites  of  Saginaw,  MI;  professional  hair   and   makeup   services   by   Janey   Cascaddan   ,   Owner   of   Rock   Your   Locks   Salon   on   Saginaw,   MI;   and   a   group   shoot   that   featured   photographers   fighPng   it   out   in   a   compePPon   shoot   vying   for   the   cover   of   our   April   ediPon.     We   also   taught   Natalie   that   somePmes,   even   with   the   best   planning,   there   can   be   hitches,   hiccups,   and  obstacles  along  the  way.  AMer  booking  an  execuPve   suite  for  Natalie  at  the  hotel,  I  was  surprised,  upon  her   arrival,  to  receive  a  text  as  I  was  on  locaPon  at  another   shoot,   asking   how   we   were   going   to   host   a   meePng   with   photographers   in   such   a   small   room.     A   quick   call   to   the   hotel   revealed   that   Natalie   had   accidentally   been   booked   into   a   standard   room,   instead   of   the   suite   that   featured   a   bedroom   and   separate   living   room,   which   the   hotel   quickly   and   professionally  resolved.     Seated   at   the   Rock   Your   Locks   Hair   Salon   the   following   morning,   Janey   highlighted   Natalie’s   natural   beauty   with   professional   industry   makeup   and   flowing   locks  of  blonde  hair  worthy  of  a  queen.     Returning   to   the   hotel   suite,   Natalie   received   a   red   carpet   greePng,   and   quickly   sekled   in   front   of   the   studio   lighPng   to   work   through   a   variety   of   poses   and   ouTits  ranging  from  formal,  to  swimsuit,  to  casual.     Combined   with   her   beauty,   Natalie’s   natural   posing   ability   brought   posiPve   reviews   from   photographers   who   akended   the   workshop.   Modern Model Modern Model Page 21 Page 21