Modern Model April 2014 - Page 20

THE   FULL   TREATMENT:   Iron   Mountain,   MI   Model   Natalie   Schultz   receives   industry   makeup   and   hairstyle   by   MUA/Hairstylist   Janey   Cascaddan,  owner  of  Rock  Your  Locks  Salon  of  Saginaw,  MI.  Photos   ©  Brian  Thornton     B       oasPng   a   thriving   populaPon   of   almost   7,500   residents   in   its   2010   census,   Iron   Mountain,   MI’s   akracPons   include  bocce  ball  tournaments,  a  world  class  ski  jump  resort,   and  Model  Natalie  Schultz.     Hidden   quietly   in   the   community,   we   found   Natalie   Schulz   while   searching   through   the   online   pages   of   Model   Mayhem.  In  true  hometown  fashion,  Natalie’s  polite  greePng,   which   thanked   us   just   for   visiPng   her   porTolio,   immediately   charmed  us.    “I’ve  been  modeling  for  about  a  year  now,  and  really   enjoy  it,  and  am  working  hard  at  it,”  she  promised.  We  could   immediately   see   that   what   she   lacked   in   modeling   experience,   she  more  than  made  up  for  with  her  stunning  looks.     As   the   organizer   of   Brian   Thornton   Workshops   and   Events,   a   program   t ]CH0