Modern Model April 2014 - Page 2

Something WICKEDLY AWESOME this way comes…. CREEPY,  CUTE,  AND  CREATIVE:    CreepyNCuteShop,  LLC,  creators  (pictured,  from  leM)  Bekka   Snider,   Doreen   Defauw,   and   Piper   Smith   combined   their   creaPve   talents   to   breathe   life   (figuraPvely   speaking)   into   one   of   the   most   original  doll  collecPons  ever!     These   hand-­‐craMed   zombie   dolls   feature   an   endless   variety   of  ouTits  and  themes,  and  can  also  be  custom-­‐craMed  to  highlight  a   lifePme   milestone   or   special   event,   and   are   becoming   the   latest   rage!   Visit   their   shop   online   on   Etsy   to   browse   from   the   available   dolls,  or  to  create  your  own!  (Photo  ©  alchemy  photographic)   PORTRAIT  PERFECT:     Looking   for   a   special   giM   for   someone.   Flowers   wither,   chocolates  melt,  but  a  CreepynCute  portrait  doll  is  something  they   will   treasure   forever.   Portrait   dolls   can   be   customized   to   match   someone’s  unique  personality  or  style!       Guided   by   a   simple   photo,   Saginaw,   MI   model   Rachel   Prenzler(pictured   with   doll   designer   Doreen   Defauw)   was   surprised   with   her   own   mini-­‐Hannah   CreepynCute   Portrait   doll!   Order   a   CreepynCute  doll  for  someone  you  love….order    a  doll  for  a  friend… order    a  doll  for  someone  you…  get  the  idea!   BRING  YOUR  DREAMS  TO  DEATH!     If   you   can   imagine   it,   they   can   craM  it!  Highlight  your  favorite  team!  Pay   homage  to  your  favorite  celebrity!  Watch   as  the  talented  CreepynCute  craMers  spin   fabric   and   remnants   into   a   gothic   family   member   that   you   will   welcome   into   your   home!     CreepynCute   dolls   can   also   come   with   a   custom-­‐designed   metal   display   c o ffi n   c r a M e d   b y   G r a v e n   I m a g e   Metalworks    (purchased  separately).  Visit   CreepynCute’s  Etsy  store  today!   Modern Model Page 2 OWNERS/ARTISANS:   Doreen  Defauw    Piper  Smith    Bekka  Snider