Modern Model April 2014 - Page 17

THE   SOUND   OF   SILENCE:   Top   photo,   Midland,   MI   Model   Lizz   Teal   combines   modern   beauty   with   a   vintage   pose;   Bokom   right,   Muskegon   MI  Model  Allison  Corbek  commands  silence  as  they  gazes  into  a  future  of   successful  modeling.  Photos  ©  Brian  Thornton     models  to  create  their  own  poses,  this  usually  allows  the  model  to   select   a   pose   that   he/she   will   be   comfortable   with,   resulPng   in   a   much  more  relaxed  image.     I   have   found   that   allowing   models   to   parPcipate   in   the   choice   of   poses   shows   that   you   respect   the   model   as   an   arPst,   which   helps   build   a   more   professional   and   cooperaPve   relaPonship,   where   the   model   is   not   a   hired   subject,   but   a   collaboraPve   partner   working   with   you   to   create   the   best   image   possible.      I  also  highly  encourage  photographers  to  study  the  model   when   he/she   is   on   break.   I   cannot   count   the   number   of   Pmes   I   have   been   direcPng   a   model,   and   stopped   to   make   a   light   or   camera  serng  adjustment,  only  to  look  up  and  see  the  model  in  an   excellent,   unintended   pose.   “Hold   that   pose!”   has   become   the   standard  bakle  cry  of  photographers  working  with  models.     I   also   let   the   models   wander   through   the   studio   and   browse   through   the   props,   allowing   them   to   select   items   to   pose   with   at   will   as   Pme   permits.   Even   during   shoots   where   a   certain   main  theme  is  set,  I  oMen  end  up  with  creaPve  images  that  can  be   used  for  other  projects  this  way.   Modern Model Page 17