Modern Model April 2014 - Page 16

STRIKING   POSES:   Top   photo,   Muskegon,   MI   Model   Allison   Corbek   ballances   beauty  and  composiPon;  bokom  leM,  Midland,  MI  Model  Lizz  Teal  faces  the  wall.   Photos  ©  Brian  Thornton     W   photography,   like   with   all   things   in   life,   to   learn,   we   must       ith   study.   Camera   angles,   poses,   lighPng   –   in   my   case,   when   working   with   models,  I  find  it  is  oMen  important  to  study  the  model  at  rest.     For   more   shoots,   I   have   a   unique   (almost   singular)   vision   of   what   I   want   to   accomplish.   In   some   cases,   this   is   specifically   driven   and   controlled  by  an  adverPsing  client.  Even  as  I  work  to  capture  that  vision,   however,  I  make  sure  to  give  the  model  a  chance  to  experiment  with  his/ her  poses  as  well.  I  am  almost  always  amazed  by  the  style  and  poses  that   most  models  can  come  up  with  on  their  own.    Some  models  have  pracPced  these  poses  for  hours  in  front  of  a   mirror;   some   are   double-­‐jointed   or   otherwise   uniquely   physically   talented   –  some  are  just  born  naturals.     In   this   arPcle’s   lead   photo,   Midland,   MI   Model   Lizz   Teal     used   yoga  techniques  to  create  a  stunning  and  interesPng  pose.  I  doubt  that  I   could