Modern Model April 2014 - Page 13

Modeling vs. Idling? Get up! Get out! Get busy! Get noticed! By  Brian  Thornton     The   early   bird   gets   the   worm.   He   (or   she)   who   hesitates   is   lost.   Seize   the   moment.     There   are   many   saying   that   end   with   solid   advice   that   anyone   interested   in   modeling   should   follow   –   you   have   to   keep   working  at  it  to  succeed.     Models   who   treat   their   modeling   career  as  a  secret  idenPty,  sirng  quietly  on   their  couches,  waiPng  to  be  discovered  by  a   talent  scout  working  part-­‐Pme  as  a  door-­‐to-­‐ door   vacuum   cleaner   salesman   –   probably   won’t   make   it   very   far   in   the   modeling   career  industry.     Let’s   quickly   tackle   some   of   the   common   piTalls   that   keep   models   grounded:     1.  I   can’t   find   any   paid   modeling   opportuniHes  in  my  area  –  for  models  in   bigger   ciPes,   this   is   more   excuse   than   truth.   Talk   to   business   owners.   Search   want   ads   for   new   business   that   are   hiring   (if   the   new   restaurant   is   hiring   a   dishwasher,   contact   them,   ask   them   if   t h e y   n e e d   a   m o d e l   f o r   t h e i r   adverPsements);   check   with   city   hall   to   see  which  individuals  or  businesses  filed   new   business   license   applicaPons;   akend   local   business-­‐related   funcPons   (chamber  of  commerce  events,  business   ribbon-­‐curng   ceremonies,   business   workshops   and   seminars.   Network,   network   and   network!   In   smaller   towns   and   communiPes,   where   everyone   seems   to   know   everyone,   talk   to   business   owners,   friends,   relaPves,   the   guy   that   works   at   the   counter   of   the   local   bowling   alley   –   anyone   that   can   possibly     put   you   in   touch   with   a   business  that  can  use  a  model.  Approach   the  business  owners  directly  to  let  them   know   that   you   would   be   the   perfect   model  for  their  restaurant,  or  hair  salon,     Modern Model Page 13     or  body  repair  shop  –  you  get  the  idea.    2.  Everyone  wants  me  to  work  for  free  or  trade  –   this   is   a   large   obstacle,   but   this   is   not   anything   new.   Most   business   owners,   if   given   the   choice   between   a   free   model   or   paying  a  model,  will  choose  the  free  model.  If  you  have  to  trade,   trade   wisely.   For   a   clothing   store,   for   example,   it   may   be   extremely  wise  to  start  your  relaPonship  with  a  trade  agreement   to   allow   them   to   see   that   you   can   posiPvely   represent   their   business,   but   don’t   stay   locked   into   trade   modeling   forever.   As   you   help   them   build   their   business,   approach   them   to   negoPate   moving  from  trade  to  paid  work  –  if  paid  work  is  not  in  the  future,   use   your   photos   and   ads   that   you   have   gained   markePng   their   business  to  seek  paid  work  with  other  businesses  or  agencies.    3.  I  can’t  seem  to  get  my  name  out  there  –  when   you  are  trying  to  stand  out  and  get  ahead,  there  is  no  advantage   to  blending  in  with  the  crowd  –  there  is  no  such  thing  as  modeling   career  camouflage.  Work  to  get  noPced  in  whatever  you  do,  and   at  every  event  you  akend.  When  you  akend  an  event,  instead  of        FRUIT  SHOOT  CUTE:  Modell   Yassie  Hawkes’  pose  with  a   branded  beverage  received  a   thumbs  up  from  the   manufacturer.  Photo  ©  Brian   Thornton