Modern Model April 2014 - Page 10

it   comes   to   ouTits,   day,   Pme   and   locaPon,   which   will   lead   to  a  successful  shoot.“     In   addiPon   to   learning   about   lighPng   and   technique,   Mike   said   he   has   also   learned   that   he   favors   some  categories  of  photography  over  others.     ” M o s t   a l l   m y   p h o t o g r a p h y   i s   m o d e l   photography,”   he   explained.   “I   also   do   some   senior   and   family   photography   but   most   all   my   shoots   are   with   models.”    Mike  said  he  also  ventured  briefly  into  wedding   photography,  but  found  it  to  be  more  labor  than  love.    “I  have  done  a  few  weddings  but  I  stopped  doing   those,”  he  laughed.  “They  are  a  lot  of  work  and  somePme   are  a  pain  in  the  rear.”     On   nice   days,   he   may   also   somePmes   visit   a   park   and  take  photos  of  birds,  flowers,  and  other  crikers  that   wander   by,   Mike   admiked,   adding   that   he   enjoys   the   creaPvity   and   freedom   that   being   a   photographer   grants   him.    “For  the  most  part,  photography  is  my  hobby  of   choice,”   he   said.   “You   can   preky   much   take   a   camera   anywhere  and  capture  something  amazing.  If  I'm  going  to   the  race  track,  tractor  pull  or  even  to  watch  some  friend’s   band   play,   I'll   take   my   camera   along.   I   enjoy   all   those   things,   so   by   having   my   camera   with   me,   I   can   capture   some  memories  I  can  look  back  on.”      Photo  ©  Mike  Behlke   Modern Model Page 10  Photo  ©  Mike  Behlke    Photo  ©  Mike  Behlke