Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 67

6. What challenges did you face in developing the business? My biggest challenge in changing the industry from commoditised food sampling to face to face marketing has been the time it takes to change long held market perceptions, among clients, retailers and the workforce. I believe my vision creates a win/win for all parties. Our customers enjoy a target market insight driven reliable service that delivers measureable sales results. Shoppers enjoy an enhanced shopping experience with engaging, informative and relevant interactions. The workforce enjoy working in a respected field with a professional company. I am impatient and get frustrated with some of our competitors who continue to deliver poor service , strategy and outcomes, so bringing the industry reputation into question once more. 7. What types of services do you offer? to the general public in any environment. We engage, excite, inform and convert target consumers. We offer a full end to end service, from strategy development through to in field execution, including warehousing and collateral production. We do not outsource so are in control of every element of the campaign and are fully accountable to our clients for the outcomes we deliver and client service standards. 8. Do you have any plans for overseas expansion? DemoPlus UK launched mid 2012 in conjunction with my previous agency in the UK (which are both owned by Blueprint Group). We have developed a new standard in Australia which is now delivering more brand engagement than in the UK and we are now working to transfer these advancements back to the UK market. 9. What would you say to someone looking for a face to face demonstration, sampling and experiential agency and what advice would you give them? It’s easy to employ someone and put them into a location to interact with the general public. It’s not easy to ensure that every interaction is going to maximise the sales opportunity. The key question you must ask is ‘why’ and ‘how’. If your agency cannot give you proven data or rationale as to why a strategy will work, reject it. If they cannot prove to you how they will ensure every interaction will be executed as planned, then don’t rely on their word. Ask to go out and see their work in field (without giving the agency the opportunity to ‘stage’ the work for you). Finally, ask for and check references. If you work with a professional agency, face to face marketing is a vital tool for any marketeer, so just make sure you pick the best. Expansion into other markets within the Asian region is in Our national team of face to face planning, as well as further sector diversification within Brand Ambassadors directly promote products and services Australia. maxiom Modern Franchise Magazine | 67