Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 64

profile CAROLINE EVANS DEMO PLUS Caroline Evans is Group Managing Director for DemoPlus, the leading Customer Experience Agency in Australia providing services to many household brands. DemoPlus specialises in enhancing the customer experience and path to purchase by presenting products and services direct to target consumers in any environment, from in store tastings and product demonstrations to out of store events and experiential marketing. With over 13 million customer interactions per year, DemoPlus is the market leader in Australia and has the unique level of experience to develop strategy based on insights and the national infrastructure to deliver best in class campaign execution. So, we talk to Caroline about how she built this dynamic international business 64 | Modern Franchise Magazine that employs over 2000 people in Australia and the United Kingdom. 1. What inspired you to move to come to Australia to lead Demoplus? What are your goals and values? Having worked in the UK field marketing industry for 7 years, I was excited about the opportunity to drive market change and performance here in Australia. Having visited the business prior, I was inspired by the potential to take a great business to the next step, to improve and expand the offer and diversify into new channels and markets. The food tasting and demonstration market in Australia was largely commoditised with little added value. Differentiation of offer was achieved solely through the reliability of service delivery, rather than insight and strategy. In a commoditised low margin industry, with low entry costs and many small players, investment into technology and people was barely adequate. My goal was to create a credible industry standard, a benchmark to change market perception of the professionalism and maxiom