Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 60

franchise business BY MARK MATTHEWS Digital Marketing Is Dead! Concentrate on purpose, not strategy Trust is ev erything There is a growing premium on, and receptiv eness to, marketers and messages that serv e and deliv er v alue The Nuance and the Obvious Like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing is also dead. No one has resisted the digital evolution more than marketers. It Of course, marketing is seems too many marketers are inherently social, because completely devoid of the ideas, humans are inherently social. motivation, or creativity to build We are social at home, work, school, sport, leisure and in our great campaigns in the digital buying habits. Social transcends age. The good news for these everything (this is the obvious marketers is that digital marketing is now dead. The bad bit). So social has simply become an aspect of all the news is that marketing in the marketing we do. digital age isn’t. The challenge for many has been to recognise and understand this nuance, which dictates your organisation's culture and marketing roadmap. Big Data and the Bleeding Obvious Big Data is the intelligence derived from digital 60 | Modern Franchise Magazine maxiom