Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 59

we cannot yet name, nor fathom, using skills that today are unimaginable. By 2025, 60% of us will be working digitally and remotely, not tethered to a fixed workspace, but rather in a time and place that best suits the work and the people involved. Some of us will work as intraprenuers, inspiring our host company’s internally. Others will work as solopreneurs shaping their own destiny and pioneering new paths forward. Many of us will be working collaboratively cocreating locally, nationally and globally in virtual tribes, connected by a trillion digital things that bestow on us constant contact with, insight to and manipulation of, our physical and digital worlds. Global unemployment will remain high as over the next three decades we add two billion people to our planet and 20 million plus to Australia and New Zealand. Despite this it will remain difficult for employers to find talented employees, and franchisors to find talented franchisees, as we move through a tectonic shift of inventing and reskilling ourselves to reshape and repurpose existing businesses and professions, as well as forging new horizon industries, practices, business paradigms, ethics and professions. Education and training will remain a constant to grease this transformation of knowledge, the Internet will continue to help to spread this information, but with the overwhelming mountains of data we’re drowning in, businesses and individuals will soon value “wisdom” more highly than gold and oil and professions and industry’s will rise to mine these riches. Our most prized vocational possession will be our ability to span the duality of working simultaneously in a physical and digital world. Tomorrow’s work landscape will also see the increasing use of robots, virtualisation, telecommuting and 3D printing further blurring the “Every job, every profession, every human activity is currently being redefined. Franchising is one sector likely to be effected most.” intersection of human and machine and igniting the question of whether human or machine is best-fit for the task at hand and does it matter? Standing still is no longer a viable option. Every job, every profession, every human activity is currently being redefined. Franchising is one sector likely to be effected most. Those that are destined to succeed are now standing firm-footed on the precipice of change eagerly scanning their horizon searching for tomorrow’s possibilities and necessities. Morris Miselowski Business Futurist Keynote Presenter Strategic Advisor The highly-regarded Principal and founder of Success through Focus since 1981, Each day, he consults with business leaders around the globe, helping to shape their businesses so they can be first to take profitable advantage of tomorrow’s business opportunities. Morris Miselowski knows that the next 10 years will see the equivalent of 100 years of change. Morris foresees an unlimited future for those companies which take the time to prepare and strategize for the future NOW. Blog: Website: Facebook: maxiom Modern Franchise Magazine | 59