Modern Franchise Magazine August 2013 - Page 58

franchise future What is the Future of the Employment Sector in Australia? By Morris Miselowski Employment Levels Impact Franchisee Recruitment The good news (for employees) is that there will be employment way into the future, there has to be. Things will always need to be done, built, sold, fixed, transported and accounted for and always will. Secondly, for the foreseeable future Australia’s employment rate will be high and in the mid 90%. This may continue to have an impact on franchises being able to attract higher performing franchisees. The other wonderful, or perhaps disconcerting news, depending on whether you’re a half full or half empty kind of person, is that we’re not going to need furriers, blacksmiths or elevator operators much anymore. Now I know that’s kind of obvious, but these professions were great honourable and inspiring jobs in their day, using cutting edge technology and machinery to fulfil a society’s dreams and demands. Tomorrow’s employment space, ma H\?H?[?[???X?H???Y\????[?[??X\?[?? K?[?H?[?\?][???[]?H ??\?Y\??[? M???^H?[?????\??H??\][??\???[???X? ??[YH[??][??[?[?\??Y\??N[?\????[??\?HXY?^?[?B??X^[?B??